Upload Driver Test

By | 2016-11-20

Test the driver program.

The Table of Contents above is generated in the upload_post.R code. You decide if you want it.

This post will be uploaded as my first post and will change as I'm testing the driver program.


To create documents here a basic knowledge of the following are essential:


For images I use external R code in knitr and R markdown. A description can be found on the
knitr site. Another brilliant description can be found at ZevRoss. While you are there
check out some of his other posts as well.

Use the following steps in your post to import the images:

Load the external code

The echo=FALSE will cause that nothing will be seen in the output, but the external code will be read.

Load the first image

Image 1
Proudly produced by myself.

Load the next image

Image 2

You can load as many images as you like, as long as they are declared in upload_post.R. Standardizing on img with a number works for me.

Good luck

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