I'm a fifty plus male living in South Africa with my wife and three daughters.

Started my career in IT in the early eighties on mainframe. Punch cards, flowcharts, Fortran and Cobol was not part of history, it was real.

Had a ZX Spectrum (still have it), and since then forever trying to keep up with new developments.

Shifting focus now to use my skillset in developing trading systems.

The Blog

The main purpose of the blog is to have a centralised documentation system for myself.

By doing it in blog format I get forced to do things more structured than a few post-its on the wall.

The content will be about workflows, setups and trading systems.


There is a number of grammatical errors in your posts, don't you care about proper language use?

English is not my native language. One of the spin-offs of the blog is I have to sharpen up on my written communication skills. Never to old to learn.

Do you plan to make money with the blog?

Not really. But I will be the last to complain if it happens.

Why do you have affiliate links?

If I use a product or supplier and I think it is worth the effort I cannot see anything wrong with promoting it.